Sally Nares Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is like water. When it’s turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it is calm everything becomes clear – Prasad Mahes

I offer therapeutic mindfulness meditation in my CBT clinical practice, to help clients reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

My personal practice of mindfulness meditation is an important part of my life and helps me to maintain emotional and physical wellbeing.  Mindfulness creates a sense of calm and an awareness of being connected in the present moment.

The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety, Stress and Depression

To be in the now and notice what is going on around us

Helps to connect with our thoughts and feelings

To view our thoughts with curiosity of being neither good nor bad – thoughts are just thoughts

Lower levels of stress and anxiety through meditation and relaxation

Meditation Breath and Gentle Movement

Mindfulness meditation embodies the attitudes of compassion and non-judgement.  Regular mindfulness practice helps us to step out of autopilot and develop an awareness of being connected to all things.

Mindful movement is a way of accessing the body and to meditate whilst in the movement

Breath is a way to connect to the body and encourages us to slowdown and to move with our gentle breathing

I am currently completing my post training Mindfulness qualification (2020) to become a qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. I am training with Mindfulness Now.

My own interest in Mindfulness started quite by accident when I joined a meditation session at a music festival a few years ago and discovered the power of now for myself.

I thought I knew everything about the now because I practice yoga, but mindfulness is different. I have been practising mindfulness since then, although my practice can sometimes get pushed to one side, but when I stop to remind myself to take time out to practice a formal guided meditation, I reap the benefits of feeling calm and rested.