Sally Nares Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction. Anon.

CBT focuses on how our problems develop into vicious cycles and become difficult to break or change.

Problems can seem overwhelming and difficult to resolve, through CBT therapy the aim is to explore what negative and unhelpful thinking styles may be at the root of the problem.

Changes are made by targeting the unhealthy thinking styles that hold us back, developing helpful strategies for dealing with challenges and setting personal goals to maintain focus

Anxiety and “what if”.   When we live in the future rather than the now, over time we become overly anxious about lots of things which would normally be non-threating. As a result, we may also experience other anxieties such as health anxiety, social anxiety, panic, stress, phobias, and OCD.   CBT helps us to develop skills and techniques to manage anxiety and worry whilst carrying on with day to day life.

Relationships with self, others, and the world.  Often, we struggle to manage the behaviours of other people in our lives and we might feel responsible or in some way to blame for the way they behave toward us. CBT helps us to understand we are not responsible for how other people behave, to look at our own role in relationships with other people, to accept what we cannot change, and to move on in our life.     

Depression can leave us feeling as if the joy has disappeared from life and everything has become a huge effort. We may find we have stopped socialising and avoiding things we would normally engage in. Studies show that with CBT therapy, and by engaging in activities to lift our mood, we can start to get back on our feet again.

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My experience of having CBT with Sally was totally positive and allowed me to become unstuck from unhealthy and resentful thought patterns that had dominated my life for years. It was totally liberating, and I have found a mental freedom that I had long forgotten it was possible to have. Thank you so much.